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2020 Dulcimer Chautauqua On The Wabash CANCELLED!  


2019 Dulcimer Chautauqua On The Wabash Workshop / Class Enrollment Form

Mark your first class choice for each session by putting a "1" in the space for that class. Please also choose an alternate class for each session by placing a "2" in the space for that class. We will make every effort to get you into your first choice!

*Refer to the Workshop Description page for details about the class content, materials, & level.

Friday, October 18th early morning workshops (8:30 - 10:00 a.m.)

______ 1A Joe Collins: "Focusing On Basic Chords" - MD, Advanced Beginner & Up

______ 1B Judy House: "Top 10 Practice Tips" - MD, Beginner & Up

______ 1C Kirk House: "Introduction To Bass Dulcimer (Bass Dulcimer 101)" - BD, Beginner

______ 1E Rick Thum: "Get Comfortable With Your Dulcimer" - HD, Beginner

______ 1F DeeDee Tibbits: "Advanced Hammered Dulcimer" - HD, Advanced

______ 1G Mark Alan Wade: "Tunes That Teach" - MD, Intermediate

FRIDAY, October 18th mid-morning workshops (10:30 a.m. - Noon)

______ 2A Joe Collins: "Playing Upside Down" - MD, Intermediate & Up

______ 2B Judy House: "Capo Anyone?" - MD, Advanced Beginner & Up

______ 2C Kirk House: "Useful Techniques For The Advancing Beginner In Bass Dulcimer" - BD, Adv Beginner

______ 2E Rick Thum: "Chord Arranging" - HD, Intermediate & Up

______ 2F DeeDee Tibbits: "Let's Get This Adventure Started" - HD, Beginner

______ 2G Mark Alan Wade: "Tunes That Teach" - MD, Intermediate

Friday, October 18th afternoon workshops (3:00 - 4:30 p.m.)

______ 3A Joe Collins: "It Takes Two To Waltz" - MD, Intermediate & Up

______ 3B Judy House: "Strumming: Does Your Left Hand Know What Your Right Hand Is Doing" - MD, Adv. Beginner & Up

______ 3C Kirk House: "Keeping The Rhythm - Performance Tips & Practice Techniques" - BD, Intermediate

______ 3E Rick Thum: "Horizontal Chords" - HD, Intermediate & Up

______ 3F DeeDee Tibbits: "Now Let's Add 'Stuff' To Our Playing" - HD, Advanced Beginner/Intermediate

______ 3G Mark Alan Wade: "The Fox" - MD, Beginner

Saturday, October 19th early morning workshops (8:30 - 10:00 a.m.)

______ 4A Joe Collins: "Sweet & Gentle Tunes Vol. 4 - A Celtic Journey" - MD, Novice & Up

______ 4B Judy House: "The Shape Of Things To Come" - MD, Adv. Beginner & Up

______ 4C Kirk House: "Writing Your Own Bass Lines" - BD, Intermediate

______ 4D Aaron O'Rourke: "Rapid Fire Notes" - MD, Advanced

______ 4E Rick Thum: "Syncopation And Pleasure House Rag" - HD, Intermediate & Up

______ 4F DeeDee Tibbits: "Intermediate Hammered Dulcimer" - HD, Intermediate

______ 4G Mark Alan Wade: "Getting Beyond The Melody" - HD, Beginner

Saturday, October 19th mid-morning workshops (10:30 a.m. - Noon)

______ 5A Joe Collins: "From Bum-Diddy To Rock N Roll" - MD, Intermediate & Up

______ 5B Judy House: "Multi-Part Arrangements" - MD, All Levels

______ 5C Kirk House: "Playing The Blues On The Bass" - BD, Intermediate

______ 5D Aaron O'Rourke: "Introduction To Flatpicking" - MD, Novice

______ 5E Rick Thum: "Drones, Thirds, and Harmonies" - HD, Advanced Beginner & Up

______ 5F DeeDee Tibbits: "What Is This Thing, And How Do I Play It?" - Beginning Whistle

______ 5G Mark Alan Wade: "Chord Substitutions For Non-Chord-Minded Players" - HD, Advanced

Saturday, October 19th afternoon workshops (3:00 - 4:30 p.m.)

______ 6A Joe Collins: "Traditional Hymns" - MD, All Levels

______ 6B Judy House: "Entertaining The Older Generation" - MD, Adv Beginner & Up

______ 6C Kirk House: "Common Riffs That I Use When Playing Bass & Where To Use Them" - BD, Intermediate

______ 6D Aaron O'Rourke: "Scottish Lute Music" - MD, Intermediate

______ 6E Rick Thum: "The Layers Of Music" - HD, Intermediate & Up

______ 6F DeeDee Tibbits: "Putting The Irish Magic In Our Whistles" - Intermediate Whistle

______ 6G Mark Alan Wade: "Pentatonic Irish Jig Tunes" - HD, Intermediate

*Completed forms should be mailed along with registration form and check to:

Rick Huffman

1 Parkview Dr.

New Harmony, In. 47631